Likes, #Fails and Emails

Changing Times – The Rise of the Marketing Technologist

Your brand speaks through all channels at once. What was once a simple Awareness to Action funnel is now a complex mix.

forrester(Click to enlarge)


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Email Marketing The Unsung Hero

I made a presentation on 13th April 2012, at the 8Th Marketing Conclave hosted by IAMAI. The topic was Email Marketing an Unsung Hero. Here are the slides of the presentation where I talked about some email examples, best practices and some new apps around email.

Emails that worked in the Happy Diwali Overload

Diwali Inbox Overload

Mine was! I lost track of how many companies sent me “Diwali offer” emails and how many good deals there were.

My team at was up (at times at 12 in the night taking calls from clients) on phones and server rooms to manage the surge in the email traffic. As an email marketer at Juvlon I was very happy to see the good jump in the email volumes this season.

So why the “Happy Diwali Overload” post? Because in the melee of the Diwali offers, I did manage to remember a few good emails that worked for me.

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Good Looking Emails

I have been meaning to create a section on nice looking emails for a long time. However instead of an entire section let me begin with a post first.

Here are a few that emails from @cleartrip, @vogueIndia @ngpay and @infibeam that I have liked for various reasons. Mostly because I found the look and feel pleasing, and also because some of them have clear calls to action and a clear message.

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I love minimalist themes. Cleartrip does this very well.

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Vogue: I had to click on the Red Carpet dresses.

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Ngpay: Brilliant look and feel. Consistent design, clear calls to action. Short sweet and pleasing to the eye.

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So many products to sell is always a challenge. Infibeam’s email designs are flexible, thematic and yet stick to an overall template.

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Gif Animated Email That Worked

You must have heard from many email marketers including myself that sending an email which is one big giant image is an absolute no-no. There are very rare exceptions to this rule. Therefore I was very surprised to find a full image email that worked for me. Read the rest of this entry »

Increasing your email list – Fashion and You Email

I heard the buzz recently about Fashion and You and decided to join after I got an invite via Vogue India newsletter advertisement. Fashion and You claims to be a shopping club which is by invitation only, a concept similar to Cocosa in the UK. The brands Fashion and You sells online have a high aspiration tag. It’s early days for this concept to take hold in India but it’s interesting and these are interesting times that we live in. Here are my thoughts on their email marketing in India. Read the rest of this entry »

Do forms work in HTML emails?

Last week I received some emails with submission forms embedded in them.  This is definitely not a best practice to follow and has been very well written in this (old but still relevant) post at Campaign Monitor.

Forms can have JavaScript for validation and will redirect readers to another website URL.  Not all email clients enable JavaScript and many don’t even display the form correctly.  Most readers will receive a warning message during the redirection.  Effectively your chances of fulfilling the objectives of your campaign are far lower with a submission form.

Here is an offer from Mint newspaper to the readers of Value Research Online.
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