Simple Trick To Get Visitors To Use Chat Feature

We’ve all seen website chat boxes that nudge you to ask a question. Sometimes a sales person is standing by to talk to you if you have a query, sometimes the box will inform that the person is unavailble for chat.

How do you make sure that visitors who are browing your site engage with you better?

Here is a lovely example of that.

I was doing research on visitor analytics and landed on Bizible’s website. The chat box popped up with a very relevant question for me:

“Would you like to know what Bizible tracked for your visit today?”

Live Chat Engagement

Live Chat Engagement

I got into a conversation with Taylor and later on he did send me the screenshot of the image that captured my visit details.

I’ve implemented chat software in the past, so I was curious to see what information they could capture. It was pretty standard stuff, but what I liked about the interaction was just the simple question in the chat box and how it engaged me.

Bizible has several such questions, depending on which webpage you land on.


We marketers are busy keeping up with the latest tools, but sometimes a simple trick like a very relevant question can make the tool quite effective.


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