Inbox Zero to Inbox Hero

(Re-posted from my iMediaConnection blog post)

Email has been around for the longest time — about 40 or more years. Born before the Internet, it’s loathed by some; indeed from time to time we keep hearing “Email is dead!”, like when email address was launched.

We’ve tried to replace email with other tools, but it’s still a firm fixture of our lives. Our various social media accounts and purchase receipts are all linked to our email. Most Project Management tools unravel into email chains. Email has survived the dot-com boom and bust and the email marketing deluge.

While Facebook stream and chats, Twitter feeds and DMs co-exist with WhatsApp and SnapChat and other instant messengers, the volume of email still continues to grow. This interesting article argues that perhaps email is now becoming just another stream.

However, email is more than just a stream. The apps around email are helping it evolve into something far more potent. Some of these apps are a delight, some a little unnerving.

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