Interesting Apps Around Email

Did you know that applications around email got $25 Million funding in 2011 alone?

A year ago I mentioned some interesting apps like Yesware,, Spanning, Perkville, AwayFind, ShortMail, FanBridge, ActivePath, Rapportive, CloudMagic and LiveIntent.

There were quite a few interesting apps that made news in 2012 too. Here is a quick look at them: (Published on )

Interesting Apps Around Email in 2012

Is there a place for a revolutionary email client? You bet there is. That is what Inky Mail plans to do. It has a set of features that make reading and managing all your emails from various mailboxes super easy.

We love email so much that our kids also must learn to manage their inbox, right? Enter Maily – first email app for kids. It’s cute actually. I went all “awww”, but then I am an email marketer.

ActiveMail from ActivePath allows you to instantly watch and share videos, slides and albums from a growing list of content sources, and post and comment to Facebook and Twitter – all right from your inbox. PowerInbox was another such application that allowed you to post comments on facebook and tweet right from the email inbox.

In November ActiveMail and PowerInbox joined forces and raised $10 Million in Series A funding.

MailPilot The science of managing the inbox is arcane. tries to help you make sense of your inbox by allowing you to view your inbox as a to-do list in which messages can be marked as complete, assigned a due date, or organized intuitively to fit your workflow.

Openera helps you save, organize and back up files and attachments. They have secured $250,000 in seed funding in 2012.

Mailjet raised $3.3 Million in funding last year. It has services similar to Sendgrid. In a few minutes, Mailjet helps you to improve the deliverability of your emails.

Sanebox’s algorithms determine the importance of incoming emails, move unimportant messages out of the inbox into a separate folder, and summarize them in a daily digest.

Video Email Express renders videos in the email. After a source video file is uploaded, the system generates multiple format files, including the failsafe GIF format. When the mail recipient opens the email, the code determines which video file to render “on the fly” based on the capabilities of the mail client.

Mozify from Email on Acid on the other hand renders images even if images are blocked. Mozify allows you to convert any image to an HTML mosaic or to formatted HTML text. When your email is downloaded, your images will appear in all of their originally intended glory.

I am sure there will be even more interesting action around email in 2013. This is not an exhaustive list of course. Do you have any interesting apps that you’d like to share?


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  1. Elie says:

    Thanks for mentioning Mailjet! We have quite a lot of users in India 🙂

    Don’t hesitate if you have questions about our service!

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