Why are Digital Marketers in India uneasy?

India has no concrete spam law nor a clear data privacy law. Email phishing and cyber fraud cases are rising. Here are a few news articles in the last few months on email scams in India:

December 2011: India is amongst the top destinations in the world where SPAM originates. AFP reported: Spammers propel India to junk-mail top spot.

January 2012 BBC reported: ‘Spam capital’ India arrests six in phishing probe.

April 2012 BBC reports: Spam – India leads world in junk emails.

I read 3 articles the last 3 weeks, in main stream media that makes the digital marketer in me uneasy. If you are a digital marketer, read the signs.

Raghu Raman in his article “Shaping opinion via spam” in the Mint says, “India needs a robust cyber defence strategy to stop this new ‘weapon of mass destruction’.”



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