What is DMARC? Email Authentication Simplified

Google made a big announcement on 30th January 2012. Well, it wasn’t just Google, the announcement actually came from fifteen leading email service and technology providers, that they are all fighting spam and phishing together, in a big way, by forming a new email authentication standard. If you are in any way connected with digital marketing, or email marketing here is a short post on what how and why of this important development.

Who has formed this new standard?
It is formed by DMARC.org. DMARC stands for Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance.

The founding contributors include:
Receivers: AOL, Comcast, GMail, Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail
Senders: American Greetings, Bank of America, Facebook, Fidelity, LinkedIn, Paypal
Intermediaries & Vendors: Agari, Cloudmark, eCert, ReturnPath, Trusted Domain Project

Why is this needed?
To combat email fraud. It’s easy to fake an email. How can readers know if the email was really sent by their bank? How will Gmail know if the bank really sent the email? Email fraud is a big concern for everyone. Unfortunately India is right on top of email spam. This is a very important and good development for us.

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