Good Looking Emails

I have been meaning to create a section on nice looking emails for a long time. However instead of an entire section let me begin with a post first.

Here are a few that emails from @cleartrip, @vogueIndia @ngpay and @infibeam that I have liked for various reasons. Mostly because I found the look and feel pleasing, and also because some of them have clear calls to action and a clear message.

Feel free to send me your latest emails on

I love minimalist themes. Cleartrip does this very well.

Click to enlarge

Vogue: I had to click on the Red Carpet dresses.

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Ngpay: Brilliant look and feel. Consistent design, clear calls to action. Short sweet and pleasing to the eye.

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So many products to sell is always a challenge. Infibeam’s email designs are flexible, thematic and yet stick to an overall template.

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2 Comments on “Good Looking Emails”

  1. Ajay says:

    This is a very good venture that you have undertaken. Are also into services, because, with your understanding and knowledge you will be a most sought after professional.

    Ngpay is surely pretty good.
    In fact i appreciate it much because i have also been looking for good designs but more than 1.5 months have passed and yet to get a good designer (one who will satisfy me with his designs). But thats an altogether different matter.

    Wish you all the best.

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