5 Reasons why Email List is like Sachin Tendulkar

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There is a fever that has gripped India like never before. Yesterday’s India  vs Pakistan World Cup Semifinal match was tense. With Pakistan’s fumbling bowling, Sachin’s 6 “lives”, Sehwag’s stellar hits, and finally our awesome bowling, it was match to watch. For every wicket taken you could hear cheers from the surrounding buildings and “gallis”. Sachin was declared the man of the match. Everyone is praying for his 100th century in the world cup finals at Mumbai.

So why is your email list like Sachin Tendulkar?
Why Email List is like Sachin TendulkarHere is why –

1] Sachin is an integral part of India’s team. I doubt if India can be a formidable team without him. Likewise if you don’t have a formidable email list, your Email Marketing program will lack teeth and may give you lack luster performance.

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India’s First Email Trends Report

Email Marketing in India just became a lot more exciting.

Unlike in markets like North America, there is very little data available about the Open and Click rates for India. That has changed with Juvlon publishing India’s first  quarterly “Email Trends Report”.

I am very happy to be a part of the team that has made this report possible. I work with the (amazing) Juvlon team and after a lot of data crunching and  drama (our hosting provider took down our webserver without notice – @bluehost #fail!)  we finally released the report today. Yay!

India’s First – “Email Trends Report” gives the average bounce, open and click rates for the Retail, Education and Finance Sectors.

Briefly, Retail  industry saw an email-open-rate of 12.93%. Finance performed lower with 11.92% opens and education did better with a 14.74% open-rate. Email-open-rate is the percentage of emails opened as against those sent. Click-to-open rates garnered 15.12%, 7.43% and 14.74% for retail, finance and education sectors respectively. Click-to-open rate is the percentage of clicks from within emails as against those opened. More details and conclusive analysis are available in the report.

This report is available as a free download from the www.juvlon.com website.

Please click here to get your free report:  http://bit.ly/india-trends

Good Looking Emails

I have been meaning to create a section on nice looking emails for a long time. However instead of an entire section let me begin with a post first.

Here are a few that emails from @cleartrip, @vogueIndia @ngpay and @infibeam that I have liked for various reasons. Mostly because I found the look and feel pleasing, and also because some of them have clear calls to action and a clear message.

Feel free to send me your latest emails on geetanjali@contactART.in

I love minimalist themes. Cleartrip does this very well.

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Vogue: I had to click on the Red Carpet dresses.

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Ngpay: Brilliant look and feel. Consistent design, clear calls to action. Short sweet and pleasing to the eye.

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So many products to sell is always a challenge. Infibeam’s email designs are flexible, thematic and yet stick to an overall template.

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