101 on Email Marketing: Part I Introduction

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Online stores and e-commerce transactions are increasing steadily in India.  Some call this the inflexion point in for the e-commerce industry. Many new e-commerce sites have been featured on www.Plugged.in. However, 10 years after the dot-com boom, getting the right mix of online channels to reach our consumers effectively is still a tough task.  SEO and display ads channels are very well established today. We are seeing a surge in Social Media with a revival / renewed interest in Email Marketing.

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Email Marketing in India vs Shahrukh Khan

Coming back to India after a few years gave me a different perspective on a few things. Something that stood out most,  was the cacophony in the background noise, especially in media and advertising.  Suddenly the streets seem full of hoardings, buildings are covered in posters of movies that are about to be released, shopping malls have gigantic posters of celebrities endorsing watches, shops are full of banner displays, radio stations play advertisements incessantly, every reporter on TV channels is almost shouting and no one watches the shows I used to watch; there are just far too many of them.  Newspapers are covered from top to bottom with ads. My twitter stream too, is almost loud.

Surely India was the same two years back? But for me it seems that I have stepped into a strange psychedelic tandav, a madness of media and advertising from some freakish Phillip K Dick story. The messages that we marketers work hard to get across, are getting diluted in this cacophony. Read the rest of this entry »