CloudMagic, Rapportive and Facebook – New applications around email

Hello readers, I had taken a short break from writing and I am glad to be posting new and exciting happenings in Email Marketing more regularly from now on. Digital marketing is a very dynamic field.  Every other month you hear about a new application, a new up-coming social media site, about tie ups between companies or mostly, newer ways to report analytics.  Today’s post is about the new and interesting applications around email that I have come across in the time that I have been quiet on this blog:

CloudMagic (

‘Instant’ is a new feature from Google search, where Google updates the search results as you type. CloudMagic is similar except it searches your email inside your Gmail as you type. It is available as a browser extension.  It indexes your emails and the indexed data is kept on your desktop for super fast retrieval.  I have found it useful .  I think it’s pretty cool.

Cloud Magic Screen Shot

(Click to enlarge)

I did face connection and proxy issues at work though but works beautifully at home.  Try it.

Rapportive (

Rapportive is a Gmail add-on.  With Rapportive you can see social media details of the sender. It scans for the details of the company, gives a quick summary of the senders tweets,  adds snippets from LinkedIn and shows other  social media links of the sender. I love it.

Rapportive Email Add On

(Click to enlarge)

It gives me a little extra something  when I get an email from someone. It works nicely when the email address belongs to a person but does not find much information about the transactional from email addresses like Some newsletters like ThinkVitamin have as the email address.  Failing to find social media details Rapportive gives a summary of the site, which is nice.

This tool got me thinking. Companies usually have a single helpline phone number for all kinds of queries, but that is not the case for email.  Almost all companies have a,   and so on.  There are reasons for the multiple email addresses of course. There are varied systems that send and track these emails and different email address will be required for different purposes.

My point is can you tell me a single customer facing email address that is on the top of mind for you? Perhaps you think you don’t need it since in all probability, it is in your inbox  and all you need to do is search for it.  In case of Amazon I have several; ,,  Then perhaps its best to go to the website and interact with the company?  I feel that this is the way things have evolved, where we inadvertently have to go to the website to interact with the company.  Imagine a default address for all your needs. You could highlight it, market it and improve its recall value.  It would help build a dialog with the reader. When people reply to this address it would automatically be treated as non-spammy and more trustworthy by ISPs. This way you have more chances of getting in the inbox of the reader in future.   There is some food for thought here, don’t you think?


Speaking of single email addresses, Facebook recently launched their new communication platform bringing together email, SMS, chat everything under a single messaging platform with your own email address as well.  This development is rocking. What does it mean for marketers? Will users prefer to stay on Facebook email and will the use of other email addresses decline? Already many young people prefer to connect on Facebook than share email. They are less worried about privacy than we might think.  Social media emails get priority in the new Gmail , Hotmail and yahoo email platforms, similarly it is being said that emails from  people who you “like” will take precedence.  Does this mean email marketers will have to spend the hours thinking how to get more “likes”?  I will post more on this development in my future posts.

Yes, there is definitely something new happening every so often in this space.  It’s exciting isn’t it?


4 Comments on “CloudMagic, Rapportive and Facebook – New applications around email”

  1. Sangfroid says:

    Interesting lineup, Geetanjali.

    I believe a lot of companies are already using the hello@companyname email address. Like you said this serves as a single point of contact for the customer. It is convenient and easy to identify. But what about channeling it to the right department internally. All departments using a single inbox isn’t a good idea. What do you think?

    All you aware of tools which further direct these mails to the more specific email address. I reckon such filters (call to action) are easy to build in existing email clients even today.

    • There are tools that i have seen companies use with a single email address. The size of business, type of consumer, industry served will determine how email is used but my point is that I not marketing the single email is a lost opportunity. This also touches upon another topic about which I am planning to write soon. Email marketing and integration with other systems. We are no longer in the age where uploading a list and sending one email periodically to that list is an option. Email Marketing is a dialog, based on what the customer does on your site. This needs integration of strategy, technology and systems that Email Marketers must take the onus of delving into, seriously.

  2. Rahul Vohra says:

    Hey Geetanjali, this is Rahul from Rapportive. Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for including us — we really appreciate it 🙂

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