Gif Animated Email That Worked

You must have heard from many email marketers including myself that sending an email which is one big giant image is an absolute no-no. There are very rare exceptions to this rule. Therefore I was very surprised to find a full image email that worked for me.

“Kaya”,  a Sanskrit word for skin, is the brand name of a chain of skin care clinics across various cities in India.

This particular email worked primarily because I am a Kaya customer. I am a very involved with Kaya’s services (skin-care & beauty –  nothing more needs to be said) and dearly love hearing about their promos.  Some of their emails (why not all?) even have the phone number of a clinic that I had visited (excellent!). I had visited this particular clinic two years ago, and used their services when I moved to a different city as well.  I am interested in knowing what’s on offer in my inbox even after a few years (and perhaps more as the years go by!).  This is where the building a lifetime value of a customer is so beautifully delivered by email.

While most of their emails are animated GIFs (and I would not advice them to continue doing that) this particular email worked for me very well.

Animated GIF in emails

Click to enlarge and view the animation


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