Email Marketing Strategy for Mobiles

I spoke to an acquaintance on the phone the other day. She is a young chirpy student. I asked her for her email to let her know when we could meet up and she said she does not use email that often. She sent me a facebook invite instead.

The old grumpy email marketer inside me said “Hrrmph, lets see you in a few years when you are working”. The new curious email marketer inside me instead started thinking. There has been so much written about how email is dying that it’s boring to even mention it.  Social Media and mobile phones are definitely making a difference to our communication channels. It’s  not an either or situation. As marketers we need to understand how these changes should be leveraged to make a difference to the email marketing strategy. This post focuses on the impact of mobile devices. Impact on Strategy
Campaigns must serve either of the two strategic objectives, brand awareness and re-enforcement or contribute to a sale.  Traditional email marketing is geared towards, acquisition retention, and participation from the recipient with the objective of generating a click-through to a landing page. How best can we use the promotional offer or newsworthy content on the mobile? If mobile will not generate CTRs, what thought must I leave with the reader after reading the email?

If mobile readers spend more time on the email than desktop readers and web mail readers how can we use this information? If the only reason readers spend more time is because they are scrolling left and right should one of my clear objective be just brand awareness?

Impact on Design
Do pre-headers take on more importance? Are you measuring the open rates with and without pre-headers? What is the placement of your main message, top left, horizontal top, top right?

Impact on message
Should you reduce the frequency of your longish, text heavy newsletter and increase your short promotional emails? This will obviously also depend on your industry and the type of product or service you are selling and your demographic.

There is never going to be one clear answer, what is important is that you measure the impact mobiles / smart phones are having on your communication strategy today and plan ahead for the future.


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