Top three reasons for sending out newsletter – traffic traffic traffic

I have come across many companies who after having sent their customary email are happy to look at open rates and CTRs in a monthly report. That’ all.  That’s the end of email marketing. What next? What do you do after you have sent the emails? Which brings me to fundamental question why are you sending the newsletter at all?

#1 Get Traffic
The number one reason for your newsletter is to get traffic to your website.  For websites which are more of a blog or simply feature news articles, letting subscribers read your content via an RSS feed makes more sense. They can read the content in the email or in a feed and that’s all they need to know.  Occasionally such a site may have email aggregating the content for a once a week/month summary for its readers so that they can then visit the website and read at length. By its very nature Newsletter has to offer something newsworthy for your readers to click-through and come to your website.

#2 Get traffic
The second biggest reason for your newsletter is to get traffic.  This means that your newsletter has to have something very compelling for readers to open it and click. Does your website have more information than newsletter? Is your offer compelling enough for the reader to visit your website?

#3 Get Traffic
The third reason for having a Newsletter is yes, to get traffic. Assuming your website has something to offer to your readers how are you measuring what your email marketing rupees are doing for you? What were to happen if you switched off your email marketing campaigns and instead used that precious money for buying more print ad space? If you don’t have a definitive answer then ask yourself why you are doing an email campaign program at all.

Having an email marketing program with no email analytics is wasting your precious money.  It’s even worse to have a program and bury the CTR report somewhere. I am sure you feel that your program gets some visits to your site, keeps your brand on top of mind recall, and engages your readers somewhat and so on. But if you are not measuring  why your email gets clicks or what the readers are doing once they visit your site, what pages they visit, what goals they complete then what difference does it make if you send an email or publish a print ad?


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