Top 10 Email Marketing must have tools

Email Marketing is India is still at its nascent stage. It’s a science and art is what I keep saying. So if you are one of the people in India who are either a part of an email marketing services team or are a digital marketing team thinking about email as a channel then this blog is written for you. Email Marketing is a dirty word for many and they kinda/sorta hide while uttering bulk and blast under their breaths. Well if you utter those words you should hide. What’s more every time you purchase an email list a puppy dies. If you are killing puppies then this blog is not for you.

In fact for a very long time I did not know what I should blog about. I felt strongly about many topics but none that warranted a blog; until Email Marketing / Digital Marketing came along. We are in an exciting stage in India (when were we not! 🙂 ), and specially in the Digital Marketing space. I am all charged up when I think of the possibilities.

When started blogging feature sometime around the year 2000 it was hailed as a feature that would be a serious contender for newspapers. 10 years on we still have newspapers. Email marketing of late has also been declared, old, dead, dying compared to the new and fancy social media and established mobile apps and services. I say “we’ll see” to all such doom sayers.

For all the rest of you who want to plough around in the Email Marketing field here are some nice tools to sharpen your saw and show your tongue to the doom sayers.

I Love Email
1] Understanding Email Headers
Read the basics of headers in an old but relevant post: what headers are all about.

2] Where to find Email headers
Here is another post that will tell you how to read email headers in various email clients.

3] Reading Email Headers
Once you understand what headers are. Go to and copy paste the headers. Now you can see which IP is sending the email, and if they are using SPF, Sender ID and DKIM.

4] Understand SPF, SenderID and DKIM
MailChimp has some excellent material about SPF, DKIM, SenderID here:

5] IP Reputation
The IP that you send your emails from has a reputation to hold in the Internet world. If your customers are hitting the spam button your IP reputation is affected. Some ISPs may even block your content which affects your deliverability.
Use and to assess your Email Service Providers or your IP reputation.

6] HTML display
Set up email accounts with various email service providers to check how your HTML renders in each of the clients. You can also use to do the test.

7] Email Standards
Each email client renders different HTML components differently. Read about the email standards project that comments on this.

8] A/B testing
Test your gut to see which emails did well. Keep visiting

9] Email Gallery
See different emails from various industries, designs copy etc at

10] Rich Reports
Lastly Here is a paid service but it should give you some great insight into if your email was read or just skimmed, forwarded etc. At


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