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I heard the buzz recently about Fashion and You and decided to join after I got an invite via Vogue India newsletter advertisement. Fashion and You claims to be a shopping club which is by invitation only, a concept similar to Cocosa in the UK. The brands Fashion and You sells online have a high aspiration tag. It’s early days for this concept to take hold in India but it’s interesting and these are interesting times that we live in. Here are my thoughts on their email marketing in India.

Email frequency:
I have received partner offers and “sale” emails and some special emails from them. I get an email daily.  While this is good for me, (and most other girls I am sure) Fashion and You should take care to avoid reader’s email fatigue.  A reminder to the readers that they can control how many emails they want to get will be an added bonus. As of today they don’t seem to have the feature of selecting the content or the frequency of the email. (Read about my past post on simple solution to managing email frequency.)

Email Design:
I like the simple design. I have to simply scroll my eyes down the email to quickly scan what brands are on offer .  Remember that subscribers don’t read email they scan it.

Email Marketing in India - email design

Email Marketing in India - Email Design Email Marketing in India - Images off

Please click to enlarge.

Some studies have shown that you have 2 seconds to convey your message before the email is deleted. The placement of the offer is one below the other and works even if images are turned off, which is nice. My eyes are guided by the narrow width , I don’t have to scan left or right. One quick glance and I get to see the brands and what’s the offer and make up my mind if I want to read further.  It’s easy to get carried away with designs especially for design heavy fashion category.  It’s quite possible though, that a different design may work even better. This can only be found out with A/B testing.

Email Delivery:

Something else is very striking about this email. I have a habit of checking the email headers and running them through MXtoolbox. I also check out the ESP Senderscore a service run by the highly reputed ReturnPath.

Email Marketing in India - HeadersEmail Marketing in India - Sender Score

Please click to enlarge

By far Fashion and You has the best score of the emails I subscribe to. The score in itself is also, irrespective of my subscription is good.  (This calls for another post on this and what it means!) Basically this means that Fashion and You have a good email service provider.

Social Email:
So how does a website that is a members only club, grow its email list? By going social ofcourse. Fashion and You have used some great ideas to take get people to sign up.

  • They have a special offer of a watch this month for enrolling 20 friends
  • They have announced the winner for the last month (they gave a Dior bag!)
  • They have made it even simpler by making a personal invite that I can post to FB and Twitter.
  • They have links to add your friends via a social plugin Plaxo
  • All social media links are visible clearly
  • There is a good visible and memorable offer of rewards if you enrol your friends

This is a serious attempt to get their readers to enrol their friends on this website, and all of it is permission based.
For all these right reasons this email stands out. Compare this with sending a hasty subscription form in the emails and you will see what I mean.  Read my post hee on “do forms work in HTML emails” here.


One Comment on “Increasing your email list – Fashion and You Email”

  1. Lenora says:

    Note: website is still under construction – content writing is nearly complete.

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