Simple solutions to manage your email frequency

I have mentioned before about giving your readers the option of controlling the frequency of emails. This is good for 2 reasons:

  1. If readers know when they can expect an email they are less likely to hit delete or spam button (even if they have subscribed to your emails), or unsubscribe
  2. It helps you plan your campaigns and their content better and brings in email schedule discipline

Ideally it would be great if your CRM system talks to your email marketing system and you can configure your recipients based on their daily, weekly or monthly, quarterly frequency requests.   This might involve some database jugglery to fine tune your audience.

However email frequency by itself has no meaning.  What it also means is that the content of your weekly, monthly, quarterly emails needs to be different. So if you are one of the companies that have one size fits all model, here is a simple way you could change that and at the same time give your readers the option they sorely need.

If you send daily emails to your list, simply creating a weekly summary of the top stories and a monthly “best of the month” will give you added flexibility.

On your sign up form you can then give these options to your readers.  Assuming that you can add /import this “frequency” field to your email marketing system (almost every vendor should be able to do this) you can then send the weekly campaign to only those readers who had selected this field. This is a simple example. You could have last minute offers, once in a blue moon special deal with partners, or a something newsworthy that you might want to communicate.  This involves a review of all your content, categorizing it and putting in place a discipline of which type of email falls into what category.

This is not difficult to do; the real question is however is how involved are your readers to give you this level of engagement? That is the stuff of building brand loyalty. Email marketing can be a great tool to give you insight into how engaged are your readers.

Email Marketing in India - Email Frequency

Email Frequency Report in Google Analytics


One Comment on “Simple solutions to manage your email frequency”

  1. […] Email frequency: I have received partner offers and “sale” emails and some special emails from them. I get an email daily.  While this is good for me, (and most other girls I am sure) Fashion and You should take care to avoid reader’s email fatigue.  A reminder to the readers that they can control how many emails they want to get will be an added bonus. As of today they don’t seem to have the feature of selecting the content or the frequency of the email. (Read about my past post on simple solution to managing email frequency.) […]

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