Good Email Marketing: Metro Shoes

I like to shop at Metro Shoes and when their store opened in my home town I was thrilled (shoes and women, what can you expect?).  I found their website and quite liked it; It’s got a pleasing design, it’s simple to explore and has lotsa white space.  When I signed up for their newsletter I got a nice welcome email.  Here is a quick glance of all the good things about their emails (and some suggested improvements).

Email Marketing in India Metro Shoes Email

  • One click registration – wow
  • Registration confirmation email – check
  • Welcome email – lovely.  Asking me for feedback and requesting to add them to safe sender’s list – great practice
  • Consistent emails every Wednesday. Good for readers and IP reputation.
  • Short to the point email, clear offer – good
  • Click on image takes you to the offer – very good
  • Website has the Wednesday offer clearly on the home page – offer reinforcement – excellent
  • DKIM and SPF pass – This is a definite “best practice” – double thumbs up
  • Support numbers and emails clearly visible – great

Email Marketing in India Metro Headers


  • The subject line could be made much better to get readers attention. Simply “Happy Wednesday” does not mean much to readers
  • I did not know what to expect from the email, an archive of emails or a link to a sample email is reassuring
  • It’s good to have a nice from name like “Metro Shoes” instead of just the email address or “sales” or “support”
  • It’s usually a good practice to send from the same TLD as the website. The website is while the email is from Configuring a subdomain on is a better option
  • Since the images are embedded, I see the email clearly even if the image display option is off. This will mean they won’t know if the email was opened
  • Links can be easily tagged with Google Analytics to give richer GA reports
  • “View in browser” link could help if this html does not render well certain email clients
  • Readers don’t usually know how to add to safe senders list. Information on a page before the sign up helps
  • Short sign up means you don’t know my first name. “Dear Member” is not really needed a simple “Hello!” would suffice
  • Link to social media will be nice to have
  • Always double check the email copy before hitting send

Email Marketing in India Metro Frequency

I have a habit of checking my emails on my phone which doubles up as my alarm. This morning it dawned on me that it’s Wednesday and these guys at Metro send me some Happy Wednesday email every week.  A bulb lit somewhere and now I am going to expect this email. Such a habit forming tool this email is! Just like I expect end of day CNBC Business Update email and skim through the news of the day.

You know what I would like to know from Metro shoes? I would like to know more about how they design their shoes, where do they source their materials from, what benefits do I get from a club card etc.  An extra paragraph in this template on “get to know us” will be so cool. But then that’s me. Other readers may want something else.

See, this is why I love email. It has so much potential. Now can your tweet or display ad do that? (No war with Social media, just saying! 😉 )

To humans (not bots) reading this: What would you want from an email like this?


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