How long should your email be?

How long should an email beA simple answer is 600 pixels wide and 600 words long, but you know that the real answer is “it depends”.

The first question I ask is what is the email supposed to do? It is supposed to generate a click through to  your landing page, right? You can tinker around with your design, subject line,  call to action buttons all you want and even  optimise your landing page.  Nothing is going to help you if  the content you have on your site  and therefore the email is not what the reader is looking for.

The question is not how long should the email be. The real question is, is the email relevant at all?

To give you an example,  I subscribe to  Ajit Dayal’s “The Honest  Truth” newsletter.   This is an email that has no special HTML design and is a very long one indeed almost 1500 words long. Yet, this will not be considered long by most of his readers.

Another example is of CNBC India Business update that I get daily in my inbox. I have now begun to quickly scan the email and click on only the most interesting story.  This too is not really a bad thing so long as I can quickly scan the stories of the day.

So the real answer is your email could be long or a short one, it really needs to be relevant.


One Comment on “How long should your email be?”

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