Email Marketing List of Reports

Here is a list of some of the most important reports that you should get from your Email Marketing efforts. Not all of these reports are available with your Service provider.  Some reports will involve juggling web analytics while others may require special plug-ins (ref point C 1 to 3).

A. Measure the quality of your list

  1. Number of email addresses in the list
  2. Report on the source of email addresses (Read more)
  3. Number of  unsubscribe requests
  4. Reason of unsubscribe (captured on your unsubscribe page on the website)
  5. Number of Hard and soft bounces
  6. Email list growth over x months

B. Measure how your campaigns performed

  1. Campaign frequency reports: Total campaigns sent in x months
  2. Report on type of email client used
  3. Campaign wise (considered standard):
  1. Average open rate
  2. Average click through rate
  3. Unique users who opened
  4. Unique users who clicked
  5. Number of times email was opened
  6. Number of times email was clicked

C. Measure the engagement of your readers

  1. Report if email was read
  2. Report on time spent reading email
  3. Report on if email was deleted without reading
  4. Report if email was reported as spam
  5. Time and weekday of opens and clicks
  6. Most clicked content type in your email (Read more)
  7. Active readers (opened email in the last x campaigns)
  8. Non responders (have not opened emails in the last x campaigns)
  9. Goal completions on your website from visitors via Email

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