How to track your email campaigns in Google Analytics

There is ample information on the Internet on how to track your visitors in Google Analytics via the URL builder.  In this post I will give a few examples on how use the URL parameters to track your email campaigns.

You may have these different types of emails:

  1. Transactional Email: Emails sent out after registration on the website, purchase, or via customer support
  2. Regular Newsletter email
  3. Special promotional emails: Discounts, offers, last minute deals etc.
  4. Event related emails: invitation to a seminar, webinar, exhibition etc.
  5. Triggered emails: Email sent after readers fill out certain forms, White paper requests, Birthday anniversary wishes,  automatic triggers from the content in the website etc.

Here is an example of the Tata Mutual Fund E-Intellect Newsletter (ignore the fact that it is one huge image today a definite no-no). This email is very regular and has 5 distinct sections of topics of interest for the reader,

  1. Cover story
  2. Personal finance
  3. Market outlook
  4. Fund watch and
  5. Learning

Tata Mutual Fund eIntellect Newsletter

Here is how we can use the URL parameters to track the Campaign:

  1. Campaign Medium: Email
  2. Campaign Source: Type of email (One of the 5 above) for the Tata MF example we could use Newsletter
  3. Campaign Content: one of the 5 above in every link
  4. Campaign Term: This is usually the used for keywords in online advertisements. For email you could use the subject line of the email in this parameter.
  5. Campaign Name: I recommend using a date the email was sent and the naming of the campaign. The format of ddmmyy_Typeofemail_SRNo could be useful  in excel sheet manipulations and reporting.

For the Tata MF newsletter the link in the first section would look like:

Here is the generic link to remember which parameter stands for what:

Now you can go to campaign section in Analytics and filter based on the various parameters. You will be now able to see which email gets you most clicks and also segment your visitors on the type of content in each email.

GA Campaign Filters

Email Campaign Tracking in GA

There is a whole lot more you can do with Analytics of course. You can read about it from the Guru of Analytics himself Avinash Kaushik.


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