How not to do Email Marketing

In this post I look at email from the financial services firm Religare and evaluate it against some very basic email best practices.
How not to do Email Marketing

The from email address, reply-to address and  the from name have the company name.  This builds trust.   Yay!
The subject line is short and very interesting. It makes me want to open the email.  Yay!

How not to do Email Marketing

The entire email body of the message is one large image. Images are usually blocked by most email clients. The customer in such case sees nothing.  This is an opportunity lost. Why should the customer rake the pains of clicking the display images  links and download a massive image?  This  email could have been easily made in HTML to preserve the look and feel of the offer. The only positive point is there is a link to view the email online. #fail

The content of the email is good. It ties in with the subject line. The offer is clear, its short, single message with a single call to action which is great for high recall high response promotional campaign.  Yay!

It is always a good practice to include the main terms and conditions in the footer of the email. This builds confidence and also required legally.  Every email should have an a link for the reader to opt out or a inform the reader about how they can unsubscribe (via link or a reply to with a subject line)#fail


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